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In addition to years of print and digital marketing programs in graphic design, advertising and social media. Recently, I have become interested and more proficient in interaction and multimedia design.



Hello! I'm Alex, a visual designer based in Toronto, and I've been working in graphic design in Hong Kong before. As a designer, I am always amazed and admired by innovative design, and I also yearn for the sense of accomplishment after solving problems. No matter in work or life, I also believe that design exists to make people's lives better.

As a graphic designer with 10+ years of experience, I believe in the power of visuals to tell a story, and the right image is worth a thousand words. With my extensive experience in graphic design and branding, I can create successful marketing campaigns and help enhance the brand image. I am skilled at teamwork and understand the importance of effective time management and maintaining a streamlined workflow to deliver results efficiently. In addition to graphic design and branding, I also have knowledge in interaction design, motion graphics, photography, print and web to provide a more comprehensive design service.

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