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Brand Guideline

KaFei Cafe

Collaborative Project

Nov 2022

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign

Our aim is to establish a distinctive coffee brand identity to promote a mix of Hong Kong local snacks and street delicacies, which is one of Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage. The name of the coffee brand, “KaFei” is a chinese character signifies “coffee”.

Our logo featured the word “Fei - 啡”, which means coffee in Chinese. “Ka Fei” in custom type paired with a coffee cup on the left, and the dot at the right bottom stands for the dripping coffee. This is the heart and soul of our identity. The designers chose clean, cozy and comforting shades of brown, grey, golden yellow, also elegant black and white inspired by the color of coffee and local brew pride.

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